IFAE leads an international project to pave the way for the Einstein Telescope: a European Third-Generation Gravitational Wave Observatory

By September 9, 2022IFAE

The Institute for High Energy Physics (IFAE), a BIST centre, is the coordinating institution of project “Horizon Europe INFRA-DEV ET-PP”. The project will run for four years with a total budget of 3.45M€, and comprises leading research centres from 11 countries.

The Einstein Telescope (ET) will be the European Third-Generation (3G) Gravitational Wave (GW) Observatory, designed to observe the Universe by covering the whole spectrum observable from Earth with interferometric GW detectors. ET will put Europe at the forefront of GW research, being the first and most advanced 3G GW observatory. Europe will take the lead in new multimessenger astronomy by combining information delivered by ET with optical, IR, UV, gamma, cosmic ray, and neutrino telescope observations. ET will impact fundamental physics knowledge, and our understanding of the fundamental interactions governing the evolution of black holes and neutron stars.

The preparatory phase for the Einstein Telescope Gravitational Wave Observatory (ET-PP) is a Horizon Europe INFRA-DEV project supported by the European Commission that started on September 1st 2022 to address the fundamental prerequisites for the approval, construction, and operation of the Einstein Telescope. The Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE) is the coordinating institution of this project, which comprises leading research centres from 11 countries.

The Horizon Europe INFRA-DEV ET-PP project is instrumental for defining the main pillars of the Einstein Telescope project: defining its governance and financial models, establishing a strong project office for the realization of a sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure, increasing the social awareness, and paving the path towards a timely decision on its location.” says Mario Martinez, ICREA researcher at IFAE and coordinator of the ET-PP project. “The coordination of the ET-PP project places Spain in a leading position in the global governance of a 2000M€ experiment with the potential to provide, via the precise study of millions of gravitational waves events, stringent tests of Einstein’s General Relativity and to revolutionize our understanding of the very early Universe and its evolution.”

The ET-PP project will run for four years with a total budget of 3.45M€. Its main objectives include the expansion of the ET consortium, the technical design and costing of the ET observatory, and the preparation of the ET site selection, among others. A detailed summary of the project can be found on the project website.

The project launch took place at a kickoff meeting held in Barcelona on the 19th and 20th of July 2022.

ET-PP is a project supported by the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon Europe Coordination and Support action under grant agreement 101079696.

Learn more on the IFAE website.