Online Resources for Training and Career Development

In this section, BIST has compiled a series of resources to help junior and senior scientists improve and boost their research as well as learn about career development.

Here you will find ways to adapt to the current situation of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. The resources are focused on reducing stress and helping you work on emotional wellbeing and balance.

If you are a member of the BIST community, you also have access to all VITAE content. You just need to log in to with your work email.

BIST Career Webinars

Find here the videos of our biweekly BIST Career Webinars

Career development [I]

Be inspired by over 150 narratives from individual researchers

Career development [II]

Skills for researchers of the future [Taylor & Francis]

Career development [III]

Professional development for researchers

Career Development [IV]

Thematic webconferences for your career development [Association Bernard Gregory]

Career Development [V]

Managing Virtual Teams

Career Development [VI]

Researcher Academy by Elsevier. Free e-learning modules developed by global experts on career guidance.

Mental health and wellbeing [I]

Staying sane when working remotely [VITAE]

Mental health and wellbeing [II]

Professional workouts, healthy recipes and informative articles

Mental health and wellbeing [III]

Yoga youtube channel

Transversal Skills [I]

The Thesis Whisperer is a blog dedicated to the topic of doing a PhD and completing a dissertation. It is managed and edited by Prof Inger Mewburn, Director of Researcher Development at the Australian National University.

Transversal Skills [II]

A podcast on professional development for researchers [Taylor & Francis]

Transversal Skills [III]

Cibernàrium offers technological education for professionals and business, as well as Internet initiation activities to Barcelona citizens.

Transversal Skills [IV]

Tips add up to a big difference in how you you show up in video calls.

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