Introducing the BIST Sustainability Handbook: a guide to greener research

By April 22, 2024BIST Community

On the occasion of International Mother Earth Day (April 22nd) and the Diada de Sant Jordi (April 23rd), BIST is launching the BIST Sustainability Handbook.

Developed by the BIST Sustainability Working Group in collaboration with illustrator Marina Juanet, the BIST Sustainability Handbook serves as a practical resource for embracing sustainable practices in the BIST Community research centres daily operations, and, potentially, beyond.

Within its pages, readers will discover tips for saving energy in the labs and offices, reducing waste, and embracing sustainable commuting options to get to their research centres, among others. The handbook also provides valuable insights, data, and links to deepen our understanding of the impact of our daily activities, both at work and at home.

The handbook represents a step forward from the Green Lab = Cleaner World awareness campaign that was launched in October 2021 and the ongoing efforts of the individual research centres to reduce their carbon footprint.

As scientists, BIST Community members are keenly aware of the known causes and consequences of climate change. A significant proportion of BIST Community research directly contributes to the cause, encompassing initiatives such as the quest for green energy sources, the development of renewable, clean energy technologies, the conversion of waste into valuable resources or the understanding of biological diversity, among others.

With the guidance of this handbook, all BIST Community members will be empowered to take small individual actions to make their activities in a more sustainable manner. The shared effort will decrease the environmental impact of the research centres.

Download the Handbook here