To the Mothers of Science

Supporting grant for BIST scientists

BIST recognises and supports scientist mothers working to reach a leading position and advance the research in their fields.

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology first launched the Mothers of Science programme in 2018, inspired by the CRG Women Scientists Support Grant (WOSS). The Mothers of Science programme offers supporting grants and coaching sessions to talented BIST women researchers to recognise their roles as scientists and mothers, and to support them along their way to becoming pioneers in their fields. BIST aims to address the gap that exists between the number of women in the BIST Community who are postdoctoral researchers (36%), group leaders (18%), and directors (0%).

Two editions of the To the Mothers of Science Programme have run since the initiative launched. BIST opened the second edition in March 2020, which included guided coaching sessions for the ten winners and five finalists, and a guided workshop on effective non-verbal communication for all candidates.

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