Building BIST as a stimulating and supportive working environment

We aim to attract, retain, and develop the brightest researchers and professionals by providing career development activities that meet their needs at all stages of their professional growth.

BIST understands the need to support the different professional careers to help its teams reach a level of international excellence. We follow the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers and code of conduct assuming that mobility is inherent in a research career. We are therefore empowering our researchers with the capacities that enable them to work with other research centers in different cultural environments, and to address projects that combine different disciplines or explore business development opportunities related to their research results. We are committed to a global citizen, a global researcher.

To achieve these goals we have developed activities oriented to:

• Mentoring the careers of our researchers
• Making our researchers active participants of the BIST community
• Improving the skills and abilities of our scientists
• Creating an innovative and permeable relationship with the industrial sector

Specifically, BIST supports the talent activities of our seven research centres (CRG, IBECICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, and IRB Barcelona) and also provides additional resources to the members of the BIST community such as a full membership to VITAE, a platform for supporting the professional development of researchers.

Some of the BIST talent activities include:

To the mothers of science

BIST supports women scientists who have the ambition and potential to reach a leading position in research and are fulfilling maternity responsibilities at the same time.

BIST Colloquium Series

Monthly lectures and discussions with international researchers, providing broad exposure to multidisciplinary research

Leadership skills for junior Principal Investigators

This three day course focuses on teaching junior PIs essential leadership skills including leading teams, managing time, setting goals, motivating coworkers, and dealing with conflicts.

BIST/VITAE train the trainers course

This one day course is intended to train interested people from within the BIST community to deliver VITAE professional development programs in the future

Leadership in Action course for Post-Doctoral Fellows

A three day interactive program exclusively designed for BIST by VITAE that offers BIST post-docs the opportunity to develop important skills for successful self-management to progress in their professional career

BIST GRADSchool for PhD students

A three day interactive training and development program for later year PhD students exclusively designed by VITAE that provides participants with transferable skills and tools to take charge of their own careers

BIST post-doc day

This event brings together BIST post-docs to talk about research careers and learn from researchers that have become entrepreneurs or group leaders

VITAE online resource

BIST offers its entire community a full membership to VITAE, a platform for supporting the professional development of researchers

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