Psychological support programme

The global scientific community has been warning us for years about the high levels of stress researchers endure. To address this, we offer spaces for positive communication, and resources for managing complex situations, resolving conflicts, and promoting a positive work environment, all while increasing well-being and occupational health.

With the creation of WellBIST, the BIST psychological support programme, BIST provides researchers and supporting staff in the BIST community with training and tools to help them develop their professional careers with better mental health. The programme also aims to promote a supportive and healthy work environment where everyone can grow and thrive.


The objectives of the programme are

  • Promoting healthy habits
  • Improving wellbeing at work
  • Improving personal communication
  • Sharing community and group good practices
  • Learning strategies to achieve body, mind, and emotional balance
  • Promoting emotional balance in stressful moments

The programme includes the following activities to promote a more supportive environment, both at the individual and community level:

  • Individual sessions* to improve emotional wellbeing (50 min, max 5 sessions/person/year, 50€). To book an appointment, contact a psychotherapist directly. For information about discounted rates, check directly with your centre’s representative (at the WellBIST Team tab). Check your calendars and find a suitable time to meet.
  • Workshops and seminars throughout the year, with varying content depending on the emerging needs of the research community. Stay tuned for details, and let your centre representatives (HR departments) know if you are interested in a particular topic.


*If your needs fall outside the scope of the programme, you will be offered a referral to another type of intervention or a different specialist. Because of this, the programme’s therapists will not treat any issues related to an already existing condition. If your case is about harassment at work, you will also be referred to your centre’s internal protocols.

Resilience & Stress Management

Communication Skills

Time Management


Achieving objectives: How to stick to your goals and be more productive

WellBIST Course: Anxiety management

WellBIST Course: Mindfulness

WellBist Course: Communication and teamwork (Open registration!)

WellBIST Course: Burn-out (Open registration!)


WellBIST Course: Impostor syndrome (Open registration!)

The WellBIST programme has been developed by BIST and the HR departments at the seven BIST research centres, who know the needs of our researchers and staff first hand.

Each centre has a designated person responsible for the programme:



BIST Elena Redondo
CRG Nuria Ortiz
Montserrat Ruano
IBEC Carolina Marí
ICFO Laia Miralles
ICN2 Júlio Gómez
José Pérez
ICIQ Xavier Blanch
IFAE Imma Riu Dachs
Òscar Blanch
IRB Barcelona Maribel Labrid

The Psycotherapists



Psychologist, coach, and mentor. More than 28 years of experience in training and development of professional skills and competences. My career allows me to guide you and offer different strategies for a more efficient management of professional environments, personal empowerment and leadership.

We define the problem, here and now, so we can focus on the solutions. Lead ourselves to later on lead the others.

Clinical Approach Integrative, humanist, systemic

Social skills, self-esteem, leadership, emotional management, conflict resolution, professional purpose, self-confidence, empowerment, assertiveness, communication.

Session format Presencial / Online
Languages Spanish / Catalan
Official Education
  • Degree in Psychology, specialist in work and organisations, UB.
  • Master in People Leadership and Management, URL & IQS
  • Master in Personal Acoaching and Leadership, UB
  • Master in Systemic Coaching, EASYC.
  • Postgraduate course in Rational-emotional-behavioral therapy, Institute A.Ellis.
  • Therapeutical Forest Guide, Universitat de Girona.
  • Postgraduate course on Engin
  • Postgraduate course on Training Engineering , UPC.
Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) CAT-7222
WhatsApp Contact 655426991
e-mail mjt@copc.cat
Web www.mjtorrente.com
Ciudad Barcelona
Presentation Psychologist and coach.

Private practice for more than 10 years.

Systemic Therapy and Brief Therapy orientation.

We focus on defining the main problem at the present moment. We are committed to promoting a change in the interaction between our most important relationships and the context that surround us.

Systemic Therapy conceives and treats mental issues as the manifestation of alterations in our patterns of communication and the way we interact in our relationships.

Clinical Approach Systemic. Brief therapy and problem solving.
Specialties Clinical. Anxiety. Depression. Family and partner relationships. Self – esteem. Healthy habits. Management of internal and external demand. Situations of harassment and employment discrimination.
Session format Face-to-face / Online
Languages English / Spanish
Official Education
  • Graduated in brief therapy and problem solving, Mental Research Institute. EEUU. Ending 7/2
  • Master in Coaching. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • School of Family Therapy, Hospital de Sant Pau.
  • Graduated in Psychology. National University of Rosario.
Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) CAT-20794
WhatsApp Contact 635784641
Email Contact rominabass@copc.cat
City Barcelona


Clinical psychologist with more than 13 years of experience in providing psychological support. Experience working in private and public centres and providing support in the legal field.

Private consultation in Argentina and in Spain.

Clinical Approach Multidisciplinary approach in the clinical orientation.
Specialties Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic discomfort, sexual disorders, and addictions.

Management of internal and external demand. Situations of harassment and employment discrimination.

Session format Online
Languages English / Spanish
Official Education
  • University of Sevilla: thesis dissertation March 2022.
  • Master in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Granada.
  • Postgraduate in humanitarian crisis and public health, University of Eastern Finland.
  • Human development programme, University of Jÿvaskÿla.
  • Cognitive Science programme, University of Buenos Aires.
  • Postgraduate in Neurotrauma Oregon Health and Science University.
  • Psychologist National University of Rosario.
Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) AN-07282
WhatsApp Contact 685725273
Email Contact damianuroz@cop.es
City Sevilla


Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

Partner in Psychology and psychiatric center

Graduated in Psychology by the Universitat de Barcelona, with additional studies at the University of Geneva with postgraduate education and extensive experience in clinical and consultancy to individuals and organisations, where I have been involved in developing, leading and managing multiple projects.

Clinical Approach Integrative, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Brief therapy
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Wellbeing
  • Personal growth (social skills, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and confidence,..)
Session format Presencial / Online
Languages Spanish /Catalan/ French/ English (medium)
Official Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology 1990-1995, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona
  • Extension of the Degree in Psychology, Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l’Education de Genève. University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Training Programme 1995-1998, Crisis Unit. Municipal Institute of Psychiatry (IMPU), Barcelona
  • Postgraduate degree in Strategic human resources management 2008 UOC, Barcelona
Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) CAT-8540
WhatsApp Contact 606977001
Email Contact agarcia@copc.cat
Web www.ariadnapsicologia.com  (coming soon)
City Barcelona
Presentation PhD, Organisational and Career Coach.

As a senior-postdoctoral researcher and a coach from the IECL, I founded Kintsugi Coaching in 2019. I am passionate about helping researchers progress in their career and enjoy providing strategies to grow and thrive among STEM professions.

I conducted various Group Career Development workshops with several research organisations (BIST, PRBB, CRG, IRB, ISGlobal…) enabling researchers to develop essential skills and tools to navigate barriers surrounding career advancement.

I have been formed through different programs of leadership, coaching and entrepreneurship to stimulate opportunities for successful leadership in academia.

Clinical Approach Assessment of self-professional worth and factors impacting the success of academics.

Individual Coaching Sessions for researchers and Career Development workshops for group and organisations.

Specialties Gain confidence and develop a growth mindset

Optimise time management by maximising goal setting skills

Uncover limiting beliefs and reveal hidden strengths and aspirations

Session format Face-to-face / Online
Languages English/ Spanish/ French
Official Education PhD degree in Biomedecine, Centre of Genomic Regulation and Pompeu Fabra University, Spain | 2015

Certificate of Organisational Coach Level 1 and Level 2, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), Australia | 2019

Accelerated Leadership Performance Program, Women and Leadership Australia | 2018-2019

Impactful Innovator Entrepreneurship program, Bright Arena, Australia | 2020

Human Element Program, Schutz Company, USA | 2021

Web https://kintsugicoach.org/
WhatsApp Contact 643512205
Email Contact kintsugicoach@gmail.com
City Barcelona and Melbourne


I’m a psychotherapist specialised in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  I graduated with an honours degree in psychology in the UK and worked for many years there in the mental health field, helping people with a wide range of psychological issues. I completed my Masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Barcelona and as a therapist I offer clients a safe, confidential and welcoming environment in which to explore and navigate through difficult times in their lives. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an active, collaborative process and encourages clients to learn techniques which they can use during the period of therapy and take with them as tools to help in the future, promoting independence and longer term benefits.
Clinical Approach Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with an interest in Mindfulness techniques.
Specialties Anxiety and depression
Session format Face-to-face, Online
Languages English (native speaker)
Official Education Degree in Psychology, Plymouth University, UK

Masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, ISEP, Barcelona

Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) Member of British Psychological Society No. 439509
WhatsApp Contact 622 224 556
Email Contact chris@cbt-therapist-bcn.com
City Barcelona


Psychologist and psychotherapist, PhD. Trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.

My experience as a researcher who has lived in different countries has shaped my work as a therapist. I see therapy as an effective, creative, emotional, and interactive process of learning. I will support you in exploring your feelings, learning new tools, and implementing changes that align with your personal values.

Clinical Approach Cognitive behavioral therapy, with an interest in third-wave methods (e.g. acceptance and commitment therapy) and Gestalt therapy
Specialties Anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, interpersonal skills, emotion regulation and acceptance, autism/ neurodiversity
Session format Online (Face-to-face may be possible in the future)
Languages English / German
Official Education
  • Undergraduate & Masters in Psychology at the University of Vienna, Austria
  • PhD in Philosophy (Research focus: emotion, autism in adults, cognitive neuroscience) at Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Postgraduate license as a psychological psychotherapist (equivalent to clinical psychologist) in Munich, Germany
Licensing (Official College of Psychologists) Member of German Association of Psychologists (No. 62266)

Member of German Association of Psychotherapists (No. 38028)

License as psychological psychotherapist by the Bavarian State, Germany (from May 2024)

WhatsApp Contact
e-mail psychotherapy.ht@gmail.com
Ciudad Munich and Barcelona

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