Driving knowledge to society

We aim to bring to society the outcomes of our research by establishing mechanisms that route basic research towards commercial or social innovation and by raising the awareness and understanding of our science among the general public.

The BIST and its centers are active agents in the development of the science and innovation ecosystems with which they interact, without forgetting their own role in disseminating knowledge and their relationship with the educational system. Technology transfer and industry relations must be part of the working model so that those inventions generated by our research groups are transformed into innovations that reach society.

To achieve these goals, BIST and its centers are developing actions oriented to:

• Developing a culture of innovation within the BIST community
• Supporting the creation of new companies 
• Organizing entrepreneurship training activities
• Developing outreach programs to bring science closer to society

Our spin-offs

BIST centers have founded 24 spin-offs since 2004, 21 of which are active companies that together employ more than 100 people.

Applied Nanoparticles

Spin-off of ICN2, UAB and ICREA that was created in 2013 and works on biogas production. [+]


Spin-off of ICN2, CTB, UPM, ISOM and IDM that was created in 2010 and develops proprietary technology for measuring biochips and biosensors. [+]


Spin-off of ICFO founded in 2008 that offers optical engineering services. [+]


Graphene Powered Mobility

Created in 2016 as a spin-off of ICN2 that works on energy storage based on graphene and applied to mobility technologies.


Spin-off company created in 2014 with participation from ICN2 that works on the creation of advanced photochromes.


Spin-off of ICN2 that was created in 2016. [+]


Founded in 2013 as a spin-off of ICFO, it commercializes portable, non-invasive and real-time blood flow monitoring devices based on photonics. [+]


Spin-off of IRB Barcelona and ICREA founded in 2010 that develops biomarkers to predict bone metastasis. [+]


Launched in 2011, this spin-off of IRB Barcelona and UB develops new therapeutic approaches to neurological and vascular diseases. [+]


Spin-off of ICN2 and Nanonica holding, founded in 2011, and develops new drugs using nanoparticles. [+]

Nostrum Biodiscovery

Spin-off of IRB Barcelona, BCN-CNS, UB and ICREA created in 2015 that offers specialized services for drug development based on bioinformatics. [+]

Paperdrop Diagnostics

This spin-off of ICN2 created in 2016 is a nanobiotech company focused on the development of new diagnostic tools.


Spin-off of ICFO founded in 2012 that works in safety issues related to laser and light emitting systems. [+]


Spin-off of CRG and UPF created in 2008 that offers analysis and interpretation services of genomic data. [+]


Spin-off of ICFO founded in 2017, exploits photonics technologies and leverages the maturity of the semiconductor manufacturing industry to develop quantum technologies for the cyber-security and super-computation worlds. [+]


Spin-off of ICFO established in 2005 that manufactures systems for laser tuning and instrumentation for optical diagnostics. [+]

Rob Surgical Systems

Created in 2012 by IBEC and UPC, this spin-off develops Bitrack, a robotic system for use in minimally invasive laparoscopy surgery.  [+]


Founded in 2004, this spin-off of ICN2 develops analytical instrumentation based on graphene biosensing. [+]


Spin-off of ICFO created in 2011 and acquired by Keysight Technologies in 2016. It produces control, test and measurement systems for several industries. [+]


Atomistic Simulations

Established in 2014, this spin-off of ICN2 develops advanced materials to meet industry and research needs. [+]


Spin-off founded in 2015 by CREB-UPC with the support of IB-Sant Pau and IBEC, to provide training and accreditation in minimally invasive surgical techniques. [+]

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