BIST Ignite Programme

Fostering multidisciplinary research among the BIST community


The BIST Ignite Programme awards grants to projects within the BIST community which initiate new collaborations among the BIST researchers, facilitate the exchange of knowledge among different scientific fields, and explore new approaches to address complex questions.

To date, 18 projects have been funded through the programme’s first phase and six through its second phase. Over 650.000€ have been granted and more than 120 researchers have already been involved.

The BIST Ignite Programme runs annually with the current edition open from September 3, 2019 – December 3, 2019.

Success stories

Facts and figures

Figures represent total numbers since programme’s inauguration (2016-2019)

Euros granted
Phase 1 projects
Phase 2 projects
Researchers involved

Programme details

The goals of the BIST Ignite Programme are to promote the initiation of new collaborations among the BIST researchers, facilitating the exchange of knowledge among different scientific fields and exploring new approaches to address complex questions.

The projects must be aimed at exploring new questions and technological challenges through novel multidisciplinary approaches, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, exposing researchers to multidisciplinary environments, and providing new insights to push the collaboration further.

The BIST Ignite Programme is based on a two-stage funding scheme, composed of two progressive calls:

1. The first “seeding” stage is an open internal call for project ideas. From this initial call, five project ideas will be selected every year to be funded with 20.000€ each, and researchers will have eight months to develop them. Previous winners can be found in the right hand menu of this page.

2. The second stage has an exploratory nature and consists of an additional award of 50.000€/12 months, for the two best projects out of the five selected during the first stage.

The project proposals must involve at least two groups working at different BIST centres and have a multidisciplinary approach to solve new or unsolved questions, promoting the cross-fertilization across disciplines, and providing new insights to give an impulse to further push the collaboration forward. Further information can be found through the following links.

BIST Ignite Programme Terms & Conditions
BIST Ignite Programme Evaluation Criteria
BIST Ignite Programme Review Panel
BIST Ignite Programme FAQs

Contact points for further information

Each BIST centre has a contact person for further questions or clarifications about the programme and application and evaluation procedures:

CRG – Pia Cosma [+]
IBEC – Pau Gorostiza [+]
ICFO – Niek van Hulst [+]
ICIQ – Arjan Kleij [+]
ICN2 – Jose Antonio Garrido [+]
IFAE – Sebastián Grinstein [+]
IRB Barcelona – Travis Stracker [+] and Angel Nebreda [+]

Institutional Members of the Board of Trustees