Developing world-class postgraduate education and training

We aim to become a leading international research school, providing education and training opportunities for promising researchers to become highly skilled professionals in academia or industry.

The challenges of society are complex and need to be approached from various disciplines separately or in an integrated manner. Based on the capabilities of our centres, we train researchers who can meet these challenges, transcending the traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines. BIST is decisively involved in turning Catalonia into an international point of reference for cutting edge research, into an environment of open science, a space for pioneering research, and a meeting point for this new profile researcher that our society needs.

To do so, the BIST centres, leaders in their fields of expertise, offer a wide range of research training through Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral programmes. More information about these programmes can be found on each centre’s website (CRG, IBECICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona).

BIST will also become a leading school of excellence in research, providing education and training opportunities directly. Our aim is to train researchers willing to explore the opportunities on the borders of various areas of knowledge, researchers who can change from one discipline to another in a natural way (interdisciplinary mobility), who are integrated in multicultural environments (international mobility), who are able to network (virtual mobility) and who, ultimately, can develop their full potential to become highly qualified professionals in academia or in the industrial sector (intersectoral mobility).

To achieve these goals, BIST has developed actions oriented to:

• Using the most effective training and research capabilities
• Offering interdisciplinary training opportunities
• Financially supporting the careers of researchers
• Promoting research networking and mobility

BIST offers many opportunities to researchers interested in pursuing a Master’s degree, a PhD, or a Postdoctoral fellowship.

BIST offers the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences, a pioneering programme focused on hands-on research at scientific centres of excellence in Barcelona. This programme launched with its first set of pioneering students in September 2017.

Also in 2017 BIST lauched the PREBIST Programme, providing a total of 28 fellowships to PhD students; and the PROBIST Programme with 61 available postdoctoral fellowships at one of the participating BIST centres.

Finally, the BIST-FBA Fellows programme was launched in 2020 to recruit three brilliant junior postdocs


More information about these opportunities below:

Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences

A pioneering programme focused on hands-on research at scientific centres of excellence in Barcelona

PREBIST PhD Fellowship Programme

Fellowships for PhD students at participating BIST centres through a €10 Million COFUND grant

PROBIST Postdoctoral Programme

Postdoctoral research fellowships at participating BIST centres through a €10 Million COFUND grant

BIST – FBA Fellows

Three year postdoctoral programme in health and energy and environmental sustainability

BIST centres

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