Career Week

June 26-30, 2023

The BIST Career Week is an event organized by BIST in collaboration with the seven research centres (CRG, IBEC, ICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona), to provide our scientific community an overview of the skills needed to take their careers to where they want to, and also to show them a glimpse of several professional sectors.

The week will consist of four days (Monday to Thursday) packed with morning online workshops and afternoon online round tables, with inspiring speakers from different backgrounds, trajectories, and jobs. The event finishes on Friday with a round table in person and a Marketplace organised with Barcelona Activa, in where several research centres will be offering real job positions that match the scientific profiles of our research community, so participants will have the opportunity to enter a real selection process and get ready during the week.

If you want to apply for the Marketplace offers please remember to do it before 26 June. Do not miss this opportunity!

The BIST Career Week 2023 counts with the support of the Barcelona City Council (Ajuntament de Barcelona).

Online Workshop: Getting ready for transitions: Motivate, Build & Grow

10.00h – 12.00h

by Míriam Bayés

Adaptability and being able to constantly motivate, build and grow are the most relevant skills for a professional and a leader to thrive in any complex scenario. Understanding how and when to focus on the available information, making educated decisions and exploding your own talent and knowhow is crucial. However, being able to adjust and pivot in the face of uncertainty and unexpected situations, making decisions with too little or too much information and seeking collaborations for collective intelligence is an equally or even more important skillset to wield. Therefore, to be able to deploy your talent, skills, and knowledge in uncertain and complex circumstances, situations and positions requires the ability to swiftly adapt to constantly changing environments.


Online Round Table: Group leaders in academia

15.00h – 16.30h

With the participation of

Alexandra Avgustinova, Leader of the Group Paediatric Cancer Epigenetics at Sant Joan de Déu

Francisco Barriga, Leader of the Group Genomic Engineering at VHIO

Núria Montserrat Pulido, Leader of the Group Pluripotency for organ regeneration at IBEC

Pere Masjuan, Leader of the Group Theory Division at IFAE

Moderator Giovanna Petrillo, Academic Affairs Officer at ICFO


Online Workshop: ChatGPT and  other AI tools: the new allies in your job search

10.00h – 12.00h

by Pedro Rojas

Online Round Table: Project Management

15.00h – 16.30h

With the participation of

Eirini Pantazi, Project Manager at IBEC

Jonas Krebs, Project Management Coordinator of Strategy and Funding at CRG

Àuria Albacete Belzunces, Innovation Senior Project Leader at Biocat

Alina Hirschmann, Corporate Communication officer at ICFO

Moderated by Elena Redondo, Talent Programme Manager at BIST


Online Workshop: CV, employability and networking for scientists

10.00h – 12.00h

by Manolo Castellanos
  • How can I improve my employability?
  • How do I create a non-academic CV?
  • What should be the format of my CV? Once I got my CV, now what?
  • What are the keys for a great LinkedIn profile?
  • How can I convey my experience and skills in a resume and social networks?
  • Do I know how to network?

All these questions and many others related to the generation of a great CV while enjoying your networking activities will be discussed in this workshop. During this session, we will understand how to transmit the importance of our technical and soft skills. In this workshop, we will combine individual and team work to learn how to take advantage of social networks to improve our employability and rediscover the power of networking.


Online Round Table: Spin-offs

With the participation of

15.00h – 16.30h

Anna Vilalta, Senior R&D Manager at Minoryx Therapeutics

Sylvain Sachot, Partner at Asabys

Laura Rodriguez, Principal at Invivo Capital

Agostino Romeo, Senior Business Development & Technology Transfer Manager at IBEC

Maria Alejandra Ortega, Co-founder | COO & CTO at Vitala Technologies

Moderated by Míriam Navarro, Education Programmes Manager at BIST


Online Workshop: Good impressions in a Job Interview

10.00h – 12.00h

by Carol Marí (IBEC)

You have been called for a job interview. Now you have to prepare yourself to ensure you make a good impression and leave the hiring manager with a positive feeling about your candidacy. We will provide an overview of how to succeed in an interview, with tips and recommendations for before, on the day and after the interview


Online Round Table: Scientific Policies

15.00h – 17.00h

With the participation of

Estefania Ortega, Comercial Director at BCN Global

Núria Benítez Monforte, Institutional Strategy Development at ICN2

Xavier Serra Picamal, Innovation and Research Officer at Institut Català de la Salut


Round table: Importance of talent in the reinforcement and advancement of research institutions

09.30h – 11.30h

Round table and presentation of the companies offering jobs in the market place.

Venue: BCN Activa, Cibernàrium 22@, Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 127, 08018 Barcelona


Science and Technology Job Market Place, in collaboration with BCN Activa

11.30h – 13.00h

In-person, interviews for the offered roles

BIST centres

Institutional Members of the Board of Trustees