Graphene and 2D materials are the main driving force of the most vibrant research and industrial areas at a worldwide scale. No thinner and more lightweight material is flexible, highly resistant and possesses record electronic and optical properties. We are only just beginning to see its possibilities in fields such as electronics, medicine, and energy.

The BIST centres have a strong concentration of top-class researchers and principal investigators in this field, working in areas as diverse as photonics, spintronics and biomedical devices. This diversity is remarkable and extremely valuable in approaching the applications of graphene and 2D materials in an interdisciplinary manner. In addition to the application areas, the fundamental science of 2D materials is still expanding, with a strong concentration of activities taking place at the BIST centres.

BIST is part of the GraphCAT initiative, funded by FEDER (European Regional Development Fund, ERDF).

Core expertise of the Graphene@BIST programme

The centres currently representing Graphene@BIST have expertise in a number of complementary areas that can facilitate the collaboration in joint projects. A strategic goal of the Graphene@BIST action plan is the identification of synergies that not only strengthen the links that already exist, but also attract newcomers that contribute with additional sets of skills.

Core areas already represented in Graphene@BIST:

Material production

Nanographene materials and CVD (ICN2, ICIQ)
Characterization (ICN2)
Novel 2D quantum materials (ICFO)
Topological phenomena (ICFO)
Van der Waals heterostructures (ICFO)


Device fabrication (ICN2, ICFO)
(Flexible) photodetectors (ICFO, IFAE)
Radiation sensing (IFAE)
Catalysis (ICIQ)
Nanophotonics with 2D material heterostructures (ICFO)
Quantum sensors (ICFO)
Quantum nano-photonics (ICFO)

Integration / Electronics / CMOS

Transparent electrodes on flexible surfaces (ICFO)
Flexible electronics (ICN2, ICFO)
Electronics (IFAE)
CMOS design (IFAE)
Textile (ICFO)


Application fields of Graphene@BIST: 


Biosensors (ICFO, IBEC)
Biomedical devices and neural interfaces (ICN2)
Fluorescent quenching analysis for biomarkers and pathogens (ICN2)
Gas sensors (ICFO)


Energy generation (ICFO)
Energy storage (ICN2, ICIQ)


Imaging arrays (ICFO)
Data communications (ICFO)
Spectrometer (ICFO)
Broadband optical sensors (ICFO)
Single photon detectors (ICFO)


Conductive materials (ICIQ)


More information about graphene research at the BIST centres:

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