2019 BIST Annual Report now available

By July 23, 2020BIST

The 2019 BIST Annual Report is now available.

The 2019 BIST Annual Report summarises the important milestones of 2019, especially in long-running and strategic projects. Among these are the purchase of two electron micsroscope installations, advances in two strategic research lines (Graphene and Chemical Biology), continued success in the BIST Ignite Programme, the accreditation of the BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre, the definition of our new BIST Global Science framework, and many others.

The report also details many other joint projects that were undertaken by the more than 100 talented people that comprised the BIST Working Groups in 2019, all made possible by the valuable support of members of our Board of Trustees, as well as contributions from other collaborating entities.

Finally, we present updated numbers about the BIST Community: almost 2,500 people, 17 new ERC grants, 78 new patent applications, nearly 1,400 publications, over 400 outreach activities, among others.

We invite you to view the full 2019 BIST Annual Report by clicking the link below. 

Click to view 2019 BIST Annual Report