ICN2-5: Advanced Electron Nanoscopy

The postdoc hired with this position will be in charge of taking care of the follow up during the installation of the new double corrected STEM at the ICN2 platform to be installed in the ALBA Synchrotron.

After being installed, the researcher in the position will take receive the training courses offered by the company who provides the STEM and the different detectors. After the training the applicant will take care of the training to the new users and also of offering help on the analyses, as well as developing his/her own research (possible topics of research to be discussed depending on the postdoc skills: e.g.: 4D-STEM mapping of the electron momentum in 1D and 2D quantum materials at the atomic scale, 3D in-situ analyses of energy nanomaterials, …).

We are searching for someone with proved experience on aberration corrected and monochromated STEM. Strong experience on EELS and 4D-STEM and the use of segmented and pixelated detectors.