Machiel Kolstein

Institute for High Energy Physics, IFAE, Barcelona, Spain


Title: Introduction to Medical Imaging

First, I will give a short overview of various medical imaging techniques. Then I will talk about the physics principles necessary for both radiography and nuclear medicine and I will give a few examples of radiography techniques. Next, I will go more deeply into the theory and practice of nuclear medicine and discuss various aspects, like types of nuclear medicine devices (i.e. PET, gamma camera), detector materials, image reconstruction, data quality. I will conclude with an example of a research project on a PET scanner design.



I am a Dr. in Physics and received my doctor title in 1998, at the VU in Amsterdam in the Netherlands on the nuclear physics particle scattering experiment HERMES at DESY, Germany. After that, I have worked at various software companies, working on various R&D projects varying from image processing for the film industry to technological developments to support older and disabled people at home.
Since 2011, I have worked in Medical Imaging projects at IFAE, first for an X-ray Imaging project, and subsequently for a project dealing with Nuclear Medicine, e.g. PET and Compton camera, where my tasks lie especially in data analysis and image reconstruction.

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