• Tarragona
  • Jun 25, 2023

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The Master Projects Fellowship Programme offered by The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) is aimed at university graduates from all over the world, to support their enrolment in the URV/ICIQ Master in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design or other Master programmes, and to follow a research project in the area of chemistry that ultimately leads to the completion of a Master’s Degree.

The Master programme will be developed in English and the students will take advantage of ICIQ’s cutting edge facilities.

These grants are addressed to highly qualified and talented graduate students with a passionate interest in chemistry research. The students will have the opportunity to join one of ICIQ’s research groups and will follow an individual master research project under the direction of an internationally renowned group leader, in a creative and stimulating scientific environment.

Selected graduate students will be awarded a grant in order to complete their Master’s research project at ICIQ.

Available Positions:

·      Reference: Master 2023-09 Earth abundant reduction electrocatalysts for the production of solar fuels and chemicals

Supervisor: Prof. JR Galán-Mascarós

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-10 Computational sustainable chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Feliu Maseras

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-11 Catalytic functionalization of remote sp3 C-H bonds

Supervisor: Prof. Rubén Martín

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-12 Understanding the relationship between structure and performance of materials for energy applications.

Supervisor: Prof. Emilio Palomares

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-13 Surface engineering of self-propelled micromotors for selective organic transformations.

Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Villa

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-14 New Chiral Catalysts for Bioinspired Reactions

Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Echavarren

Positions Offered: 1

·      Reference: Master 2023-15 New Chemical Reaction Networks-based methods for Catalysts Discovery

Supervisor: Prof. Carles Bo

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-16 Dynamic covalent capsules: synthesis, characterization and study of their applications in the mediation of chemical reactions.

Supervisor: Prof. Pau Ballester

Positions Offered: 1


·      Reference: Master 2023-17 Machine Learning techniques for Materials in Energy

Supervisor: Prof. Nuria López

Positions Offered: 1

To apply for this job please visit careers.iciq.org.