Proximity-inducing pharmacology: Targeted protein degradation and beyond

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  • Venue: Casa de Convalescència UAB
  • Address: Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, Barcelona
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IRB Barcelona BioMed Conference

Proximity-inducing pharmacology has become an important avenue of therapeutic intervention and offers significant inroads to drug the “undruggable”. Mechanistically, the involved compounds often hijack one protein’s function by inducing its interaction with another protein or transcript. Recent advances in targeted protein degradation illustrate that compound-induced proximity between an E3 ubiquitin ligase and a disease-relevant protein can lead to ubiquitination and protein degradation. In the past years, this growing field has moved from proof of concept to the development of degrader medicines in clinical trials. These advances have fueled interest in other proximity-inducing concepts that can trigger a plethora of outcomes in proteins and transcripts, ranging from mammals to bacteria. As our understanding of the molecular features that govern drug-induced interactions grows and the use of this pharmacology in disease matures, more breakthroughs are sure to follow. This conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers interested in the chemical modulation of biomolecule’s fates. Leaders in many areas of drug discovery will discuss the opportunities and challenges in this exciting new area.