PRBB – CRG Conference: Luca Giorgetti

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Towards a quantitative understanding of long-range transcriptional regulation

by Luca Giorgetti, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research. Basel, CH

Host: Renée Beekman | CRG

Regulation of gene expression in mammals relies on enhancers, which are often located at large genomic distances from their target genes. Enhancers are thought to regulate transcription by physically associating with promoters, a process in which chromosome architecture plays a key role. Despite their fundamental biological relevance, however, the fundamental causal principles linking chromosome conformation to long-range transcriptional regulation remain poorly understood.

In Luca Giorgetti talk, he will present recent experimental and theoretical results from his lab that show that enhancer-promoter contacts in individual cells are translated into transcription levels in a highly nonlinear manner, suggesting a possible mechanism by which enhancers activate transcription from large genomic distances and how they can be blocked by topologically associating domain (TAD) boundaries.


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