Colloquium Series: Donate Weghorn

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  • Venue: DCEXS-UPF
  • Address: Doctor Aiguader, 80, 08003 Barcelona
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BIST Colloquium Series 2021-22


Big Data

by Donate Weghorn of CRG











This colloquium is part of the BIST Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences curriculum but is also open and free for anyone interested in participating. If you want to assist please send an email to



Next colloquia will be:

September 23 – Oriol Gallego of DCEXS

September 28 – Maria Jose Esplandiu of ICN2

September 30 – Roger Gomis of IRB Barcelona

October 5 – Irene Marco-Rius of IBEC

October 7 – Valerio Pruneri of ICFO

October 14 – Toni Llobet of ICIQ

October 19 – Aurelio Juste of IFAE