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Get ready to be successful in your next professional challenge and shine in the interview

by Arantxa Gómez & Javi Corrales


Deciding where we want to direct our professional career is not always something simple. For our profession to fulfill us day by day, it is important that it is aligned with our values ​​and with the person we are. What motivates us to be scientists?

Once we connect with that intrinsic motivation, it becomes much easier: now you can firstly decide, and then communicate, convey, and convince in job interviews. And it also becomes much easier to feel prepared to overcome the challenges we encounter in our careers.

The aim of this session is to become aware of what we value the most, to learn to use our scientific curiosity to prepare for the job interview. We will transmit that we are the right person by learning to communicate and convey what is important to us. This workshop is targeting people who is ready to take that step, and needs to get ready to shine in an interview.


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