2018 BIST Conference

Growing together, advancing science

June 27, 2018 | CosmoCaixa, Barcelona


The 2018 BIST Conference is a scientific meeting gathering the BIST research community to showcase and discuss the science carried out at the BIST centres and to offer a space for researchers to meet, get to know each other’s science, and spark new collaborations.

Specific objectives of the conference include:

• To showcase the excellent science being carried out at the BIST centres, with an emphasis on transversal and multidisciplinary topics, giving all participants the opportunity to learn, to ask questions, and to discuss.

• To provide a consistent “BIST meeting point” where the feeling of belonging to the BIST community can deepen, the ignition of new collaborations between BIST researchers can take place, and the invaluable expertise of the members of the BIST board of trustees can be drawn upon.

• To build BIST visibility, both at the local level and at a more international level, through the participation of a wide variety of local and international speakers, including prestigious Nobel Prize winners, and through the attraction of prominent media.


Registration is currently open to anyone interested in attending. Note that places are limited and registration will close as soon as we reach capacity.




Registration opens




Keynote speech
Gravitational Waves: From Einstein to a New Science

Barry Barish, California Institute of Technology, 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics


Dialogues on the boundaries of knowledge
The energy re-evolution: To be clean or not to be

Jose Ramón Galán-Mascarós (ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ)

Siglinda Perathoner (Università degli Studi di Messina)
Jordi Martorell (ICFO)
Pedro Gómez (ICN2)
Federico Sánchez (IFAE)


Coffee break


Dialogues on the boundaries of knowledge
Biosensors for diagnostics

Arben Merkoçi (ICREA Research Professor at ICN2)

Javier Ramón Azcón (IBEC)
Emilio Palomares
(ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ)
Roger Gomis
(ICREA Research Professor at IRB Barcelona)




Dialogues on the boundaries of knowledge:
Tissue modelling and engineering

Núria Montserrat (IBEC)

Rui L. Reis (University of Minho)
Bernhard Payer
James Sharpe (EMBL)
Manuel Serrano (ICREA Research Professor at IRB Barcelona)


Ignite Programme Session


Q-SPET: Pau Gorostiza (ICREA Research Professor at IBEC) and Niek van Hulst (ICREA Research Professor at ICFO)

SOLHYCAT: Víctor Puntes (ICREA Research Professor at ICN2)

2DNANOHEAT: Marianna Sledzinska (ICN2)

ENGUT: Elena Martínez (IBEC)

THEIA: María Marsal (ICFO)

GENSTORM: Marie Victoire Neguembor (CRG)

INWOC: José Ramón Galán (ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ)


Closing speech
Building a Synthetic Cell

Marileen Dogterom
, Technische Universiteit Delft


Closing remarks


Cocktail & networking


Keynote Speech: “Gravitational Waves: From Einstein to a New Science”

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves 100 years ago, but the effects are so tiny that even Einstein thought they could never be detected. After 40 years of controversy, theorists finally developed a consensus that they really do exist. Then the problem became whether experimental physicists could develop instruments sensitive enough to actually detect them? The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), using exquisitely sensitive techniques, has made the dramatic observations of gravitational waves coming from the collision of two Black Holes and more recently, Binary Neutron Stars. These observations have opened a totally new window on the universe.   The history, discoveries and future science will all be discussed.


Barry Barish
California Institute of Technology,
2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Jose Ramón Galán-Mascarós
ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ

Siglinda Perathoner
Università degli Studi di Messina

Federico Sánchez

Arben Merkoçi
ICREA Research Professor at ICN2

Emilio Palomares
ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ

Roger Gomis
ICREA Research Professor at IRB Barcelona

Rui L. Reis
University of Minho

James Sharpe

Manuel Serrano
ICREA Research Professor at IRB Barcelona

Pau Gorostiza
ICREA Research Professor at IBEC

Niek van Hulst
ICREA Research Professor at ICFO

Víctor Puntes 
ICREA Research Professor at ICN2

Marileen Dogterom
Technische Universiteit Delft

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