ICIQ spin-off Jolt secures €6 million in funding to boost its green hydrogen technology

By June 5, 2023ICIQ

Jolt, the third spin-off company developed at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), a BIST Community research centre, has secured €6 million to develop its green hydrogen technology. The transfer of patented ICIQ technologies will pave the way for a revolutionary sustainable energy solution.

Jolt, the third spin-off company developed ICIQ has secured €6 million to develop its green hydrogen technology. The company, which develops catalytic solutions for water electrolysers, will use the funding to establish its first electrode production plant in Barcelona, set to commence operations in early 2024. Currently, the researchers involved continue to develop their electrodes in the ICIQ laboratories in Tarragona.

Jolt’s objective is to promote an economy based on green hydrogen obtained through the electrolysis of water, using electricity from renewable energy sources to break down the water molecule and obtain oxygen and hydrogen. The technology developed by the company stems from research led by Prof. Julio Lloret-Fillol, ICREA Research Professor at ICIQ, member of the BIST community and entrepreneur of the project. His work, which focuses on the development of catalysts for artificial photosynthesis, has received support from ICIQ to patent the technology and create a spin-off capable of commercialising this innovative application.

The ICIQ has promoted knowledge transfer and Jolt is a clear example of science going beyond the laboratory to provide solutions to real challenges such as sustainable energy production”, says Prof. Lloret-Fillol.

The financing round through which the company has raised €6 million was led by Climentum Capital, Ship2B Ventures and Axon Partners Group, as well as two family companies and the initial investor, called NET. This investment will allow Jolt to deploy its full scientific and technical potential, and thus promote innovation by launching new products based on activated diaphragms and membranes for the AEM, PEM and water treatment markets in 2024.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Jolt is revolutionising the production of alkaline and anion exchange membrane electrodes, demonstrating improved energy efficiency and exceptional durability for over ten years, surpassing existing commercial electrodes on the market. Leon Rizzi, CEO of the company, states that “Electrodes are the heart of all electrolyzers and fuel cells. Their evolution plays a crucial role in the success of the green hydrogen industry.” Furthermore, the electrodes stand out for their low manufacturing cost, competitive prices and high performance. The company has developed a combustion solution ready to replace traditional coating solutions used in the production of activated electrodes.

About Jolt:

Jolt is a spin-off from the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) and a participant in The Collider innovation programme driven by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The company specialises in the production of next-generation activated electrodes for enhanced electrolyzers and fuel cells, as well as water treatment systems, chlor-akali and cathodic protection systems. With its innovative catalytic coating and commitment to sustainable and cost-effective solutions, Jolt is at the forefront of driving the green hydrogen solutions. The Jolt team is comprised of Leon Rizzi, CEO, Prof. Julio Lloret-Fillol, Scientific Director and ICREA Professor, Dr. Alberto Bucci, CTO, and Arturo Vilavella as Operations Director.

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