Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)

The BIST centre Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) was founded in 2000 by the Government of Catalonia, and began its research activities in 2004. ICIQ is committed to performing excellent research at the frontier of knowledge in two main areas: Catalysis and Renewable Energy. The institute also has two other commitments: knowledge and technology transfer to the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industrial sectors and that of training the future generation of scientists by offering high-quality educational programmes to master and PhD students as well as postdoctoral researchers.


The ICIQ mission is to lead, from the vantage point of molecular science, cross-strategies for solving major social and economic challenges, such as climate change and sustainable supply of energetic and raw materials, thereby contributing to the establishment of a knowledge-based economy and improving quality of life for all.


ICIQ has a multidisciplinary approach to research, encouraging all sort of collaborations: in-house, national, and international. To attain sustainability is the goal of all its research groups work in their specific areas:

Computational Chemistry
CO2 recycling
Renewable Fuels
Artificial Photosynthesis


ICIQ boasts over 300 staff members. Among these are group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, project researchers, PhD students, master students, lab technicians and core facilities personnel.


The ICIQ headquarters are located in a functional building with a total area of 12,800 m2. The site is equipped with the latest safety devices and was built according to the same principles of sustainability that underlie the research conducted on site. Some of the stand-out features include minimal water and energy consumption, comprehensive laboratory management and a modular design that enables the restructuring of laboratory spaces to accommodate diverse needs.

ICIQ hosts:

26 research laboratories
7 research support laboratories
2 high pressure labs
1 computational lab
Computational cluster Clean room
Electronic, mechanical and glass blower workshops

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