Two BIST researchers receive ICREA Acadèmia Awards

By March 1, 2021BIST

Dr. Eulàlia de Nadal (IRB Barcelona) and Dr. Marino Arroyo (IBEC) have received ICREA Acadèmia Awards, which help university faculty in an active and expansive phase of their research careers dedicate more time to research activities.

The ICREA Acadèmia Programme was launched in 2008 with the aim of helping university faculty in an active and expansive phase of their research careers to dedicate more time to research activities. The winners of the ICREA Acadèmia Awards—Professors working in public universities in Catalonia—receive a generous research grant for five years.

This year, two researchers working at BIST centres, in addition to their affiliations at universities, have received these awards: Dr. Eulàlia de Nadal of IRB Barcelona and Dr. Marino Arroyo of IBEC.

Dr. Eulàlia de Nadal, Head of the Cell Signaling laboratory at IRB Barcelona, and Full Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Pompeu Fabra University, receives this recognition for a second time in her career. In the next five years, Dr. de Nadal will focus her research on the study of the transcriptional regulation in response to stress, characterising its heterogeneity, as well as identifying new histone modifications. She will also explore the therapeutic potential of the molecular mechanisms discovered.

Professor Marino Arroyo is an Associate Researcher at IBEC and Head of the Mechanics of Soft and Living Interfaces Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The ICREA award, which he is receiving for a third time in his career, will support research related to the rational manipulation of active living materials and the engineering of new bionic and bioinspired materials, especially materials with extreme reversible deformability. Mechanical aspects of living organisms are a very relevant research field since they play a crucial role in several biological phenomena, such as the development of tumours in cancerous tissues and organ morphogenesis.

Now in its 12th year, the 2020 ICREA Acadèmia Awards have been presented to 274 researchers. Over five years, the awardees receive €40,000/year to support their lines of research. ICREA Professors devote less time to teaching activities to be able to concentrate on research.

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