The Angeleta Ferrer Institute’s inaugural class begins their studies this week

By September 17, 2021BIST

Catalonia’s first STEAM centre for secondary and baccalaureate students, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM), welcomed its first cohort of 60 secondary school students on September 13.


Students’ families visited the new Angeleta Ferrer High School last week

The Angeleta Ferrer Institute is Catalonia’s first STEAM centre for secondary and baccalaureate students, focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). Sixty secondary (ESO) students begin their studies at the centre this week, which is located in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood. The institute aims to become a reference in Catalonia for expanding scientific culture among secondary and baccalaureate students’ and promoting vocations in STEAM. The centre will also become a benchmark for training teachers and for educational research in these areas, inspiring other centres to adopt its educational model. BIST collaborates with the Generalitat’s Department of Education on this project, with the participation of the Barcelona Education Consortium.

The Angeleta Ferrer Institute boasts a teaching team with a long history of involvement in innovative educational projects. The team also has know-how in creating and developing teacher training programmes, and experience in the field of research, both in science didactics and experimental sciences.” Explains Dr. Blanca Amengual, PhD in Biology, former postdoctoral researcher at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, and director of the Angeleta Ferrer Institute.

Our goal is for the new STEAM centre to become a reference model for the transformation of learning and teaching science and technology”,” explains Dr. Núria Bayó, BIST Director of Programmes.

We also want this centre to contribute to facilitating the connection between the world of pre-university teaching and scientific research,” adds Prof. Joan Guinovart, Academic Director of the BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre.

The institute is expected to grow over the coming years, with new cohorts starting the programme every year, and will be looking for scientifically trained personnel to join its teaching team. Members and alumni of the BIST Community interested in collaborating in this pedagogical project are encouraged to contact the outreach departments of their respective BIST centres.