To the Mothers of Science 2024 Grant Winners

BIST presents the fourth edition ‘To the Mothers of Science’ programme winners: Nine powerful women willing to improve their leadership skills to take a step forward in their careers and become a role model for future generations.

The grant winners receive group coaching sessions, and an economic stipend during a maximum of one-year.

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Denitza Denkova

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, ICFO

Mother of Mélian (born in 2021) and Árien (born in 2023).

“It takes a team to do science. And it takes a tribe to rise kids. I am so thrilled by the opportunity to grow both my team and my tribe! I am looking forward to engage in this support network and discover the balance between growing into the successful professional I dream to become and the devoted mother I want to be.”

Alba Garzón Manjón

Ramon y Cajal Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ICN2

Mother of Max, born in November 2019.

“The Mother of Science Award program is a beacon of hope for individuals like us. Participating in this program will not only contribute to my personal development but also empower me to support fellow mother scientists in my network, sharing experiences and overcoming challenges together. I firmly believe that being both a mother and a scientist should be the norm, not an exception.”

Marina Inés Giannotti

Senior Researcher – Staff Member, IBEC

Mother of two twin daughters, Nora and Paula, born in 2012.

“The supporting grant offered by the BIST program “To the Mothers of Science” marks a significant step towards professional acknowledgment. Ensuring a balance between work and household responsibilities is crucial for sustaining a gratifying and wholesome professional and personal life. This recognition will certainly contribute to the development of strategic plans for my career advancement. We already enjoyed the first Coaching Session with a group of great scientists and mothers.”

Bahareh Khezri

Associated Researcher at ICIQ

Mother of Melody, born in 2015.

“I believe the Programme acknowledges the unique challenges faced by scientist mothers, providing essential support that empowers me to balance my professional ambitions with family responsibilities. This aspect of the Programme is particularly motivating, inspiring me to demonstrate that it is possible to excel in both research and parenthood. My journey can serve as a beacon for other women in science, illustrating that leadership and family life can coexist harmoniously.”

Nina Kostina

Ramon y Cajal Senior Researcher, IBEC

Mother of Celia and Pilar, born in 2021 and 2023.

“The Mother of Science Award offers crucial support in achieving my goals. The coaching sessions will not only help me improve my leadership and communication skills, which are essential for my scientific career advancement but also provide valuable networking opportunities with other mothers scientists. This platform will facilitate the exchange of experiences and insights, enriching our journey in science and parenthood.”

Paula Martínez

Postdoctoral Researcher, IRB Barcelona

Mother of Hugo, born in 2023

“The To the Mothers of Science program fosters leadership and camaraderie among scientific mothers, serving as a beacon of hope. Coaching sessions create a supportive sisterhood where we unite to overcome challenges and become empowered. Together, we share experiences, challenge stereotypes, paving the way for others, and sparking curiosity in future scientists and mothers.”

Sonia R. Raga

Senior Researcher, ICN2

Mother of Aya, born in 2020.

“The program is an example of the success of the fights for equity in our society. Thanks to the coaching and the support from BIST and other peer moms we will show that other forms of fruitful leadership are possible and the personal life does not need to be compromised to break the glass ceiling. “

Marion Salzer

Postdoctoral Researcher, CRG

Mother of Nicolas, born in 2024

“Motherhood in combination with a scientific career can be overwhelming. It’s amazing that bist offers this program that is specifically designed to help mothers to put things in order and focus their energy where it is most needed. I’m also very happy that I got to know a bunch of lovely girls that share their experiences and provide peer support”

Aleksandra Sierant

Postdoctoral Researcher, ICFO

Mother of Franciszek, born in 2018

For me the program To the Mothers of Science is an opportunity to not only develop the professional career with the coaching sessions, but also to share the experience with other researchers and meet amazing role models.

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