Mike Heilemann

University of Frankfurt, Germany


Following studies in chemistry and biochemistry, I entered the field of single-molecule fluorescence during my PhD work (Heidelberg/Bielefeld, Germany) and specialized in single-molecule biology during my postdoctoral research (Oxford, UK). In 2008, I started a research group focussing on quantitative single-molecule localization microscopy applied to cell signaling. My scientific journey continued as an assistant professor in 2011 (Würzburg, Germany), and since 2012 as a Full Professor and Chair for Physical Chemistry at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. The research of my lab focuses on two main pillars: first, we aim to advance super-resolution fluorescence microscopy into an “optical omics” technology for structural cell biology. For this purpose, we integrate orthogonal protein labeling tools that allow monitoring multiple proteins simultaneously and image analysis tools that report quantitative molecular information on protein assemblies. Second, we develop live cell imaging tools that provide high spatial and temporal resolution. We integrate computational methods from the deep learning toolbox to achieve long observation times, resolve fast dynamics and follow the dynamics of protein assemblies in live cells.

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