Scientists at BIST centres among the world’s most highly cited researchers for 2022

By November 23, 2022November 29th, 2022BIST Community, CRG, ICFO, IRB Barcelona

Among the most Highly Cited Researchers on Clarivate’s Web of Science list for 2022 are four researchers working at BIST centres: Prof. Pelayo Garcia de Arquer and Prof. Frank Koppens from ICFO, Prof. Roderic Guigó from CRG, and Prof. Eduard Battle from IRB Barcelona.

Clarivate Web of Science has released its annual list of Highly Cited Researchers, including two ICFO Group Leaders, Prof. Pelayo Garcia de Arquer and ICREA Prof. Frank Koppens; one Group Leader from CRG, Prof. Roderic Guigó, and one Group Leader from IRB Barcelona, Prof. Eduard Battle.

The Highly Cited Researchers are individuals at universities, research institutes, and commercial organisations who have demonstrated a disproportionate level of significant and broad influence in their field or fields of research.

To determine this 2021 list of influential researchers, Clarivate surveyed papers produced and cited over an 11-year period from January 2011 to December 2021 that at the end of 2021 ranked in the top 1% by citations for their Essential Science Indicators (ESI). Researchers are selected for their exceptional influence and performance in one of more of the 21 fields used in the ESI.

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