2020 BIST Conference

Building a sustainable world together

Roundtable: The Future of Science Communication

October 27, 2020 | 16:30h – 18:00h | Online

Scientific communication has looked to engage society and motivate researchers, targeting especially new generations to inspire the scientific leaders of the future. But audiences evolve and new digital technologies have completely changed the communication landscape, while the coronavirus pandemic has made citizens turn their heads towards science, looking for certainties researchers often do not have. In this roundtable we will talk about new target audiences and new delivery formats, branding tendencies and how to deal with uncertainty as science communicators and researchers.


Àlex Argemí

Head of Marketing and Communication (ICN2)

Àlex Argemí heads the marketing and communication team at the ICN2. His department is focused on enabling and optimising dissemination of the knowledge generated at the ICN2. Its actions are aimed at finding the most effective way to engage a range of audiences, from the internal community to industry to the general public. The department also supports and leads the organisation of high-impact events that raise the profile of the ICN2 in different contexts and delivers a strong line in education outreach. NanoEduca, one of their flagship projects, was recognised with the 2018 National Scientific Communication Prize.


Jorge Cham

Cartoonist, Writer, Producer

Jorge is the creator of “PHD Comics“, the popular ongoing comic strip about life (or the lack thereof) in academia. He is the co-author of the Der Spiegel best-selling book We Have No Idea, the co-host of the iHeart Radio show Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe, and the co-creator and co-executive producer of the TV animated series Elinor Wonders Why, which premiered on PBS Kids in September 2020. He earned his PhD in Robotics from Stanford University and was an instructor and research associate at Caltech from 2003-2005.

Berta Roca

Founder and CEO of BertaRoca&Co

Berta Roca is a founding partner of Berta Roca & Co, a consultancy that specialises in strategic communications and accompanies entities, brands, and companies in the management of their communications. She has a degree in Business Administration (1993) and an MBA in Marketing and Communication from Winthrop University, USA (1995). Before founding her company, she worked at the Bassat Ogilvy agency and AMSA Studio. Her current clients include the Banc Sabadell Foundation, the Aquae Foundation, the Scientia Foundation, the EINA Foundation, Aigües de Barcelona, the PRIMA Foundation, Fundació Amics del MNAC, and Bagués Masriera, among others.

Frank Kupper

Associate Professor Science Communication & Public Engagement (Athena Institute – VU Amsterdam)

Professor and researcher focused on the relationship between science and society. Developments in science and technology have huge impacts on our lives and the world. Often, these impacts are uncertain and ambiguous, especially in the context of new emerging technologies such as new biotechnology, neurotechnology, or digitalisation. Kupper’s work is centered on the development of new interaction spaces, methods, and techniques to shape the conversation around science and technology in society.

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