Victoria Salgado (CV)

I am a Biologist in the health branch, with a degree from the UB. Then I did the master’s degree in Biomedicine at the UB and went on to do the doctorate in Biomedicine at the UPF, where I studied the effects of THC (active ingredient in cannabis) on memory in mice. While writing my thesis, I decide to enter the ‘Empieza por Educar’ programme, which includes teacher training and internships at an institute of maximum complexity for two years, and I began the master’s degree for secondary school teachers at UPF. I left the completion of the thesis on standby and now I am about to finish my training with ExE and the master’s degree, as well as my stay and classes at the BCN Congrés institute. I am now enrolled in the teaching staff scholarship and hopefully next year I will officially start at a public institute.