IFAE-3: Cosmology and Fundamental Physics with large galaxy surveys

The Observational Cosmology group at IFAE Barcelona is involved in a number of leading international projects, such as the ongoing DES and PAU galaxy surveys and the upcoming DESI, Euclid, and LSST projects.

In the past years, the group has focused on the analysis of the DES data, where it has played leading roles in weak lensing, void science, and photometric redshift analyses, as well as in the analysis of PAU survey, which, with its 40 narrow bands, permits analyses very complementary to those in other surveys. The group has made key developments applying machine learning techniques in star-galaxy classification, redshift analysis and galaxy photometry.

Following its substantial contributions to the development and construction of the DESI and Euclid instruments, the group intends to participate vigorously in the analysis of their data. With the group soon to join the DESC Collaboration of the LSST survey in the Vera Rubin Observatory, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in a broad and exciting scientific program in one of more of the next generation galaxy surveys that are expected to shed light on the nature of Dark Energy.