IFAE-1: Searches for new phenomena with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

This project is part of a research line that started in 1992, when IFAE joined the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), making critical contributions to the initial detector and its trigger system.

During the LHC Run 2 (2015-2018), the ATLAS experiment recorded a data sample of ~140 fb-1of proton-proton collision sat √s=13 TeV, which is being used to pursue a broad program of measurements of Standard Model processes as well as searches for new phenomena. The following three years (2019-2021), known as the Long Shutdown 2 period, are being devoted to consolidation, maintenance, and upgrade work of the ATLAS detector and the LHC accelerator complex. During Run 3 (2022-2024) the centre-of-mass energy may be further increased to 14 TeV and the cumulated integrated luminosity will reach ~300 fb-1.

Over the next five years the IFAE-ATLAS group will continue its strong involvement in the maintenance and operation the Tile hadronic calorimeter and the Trigger system. In addition, the group will develop a broad and exciting research program based on the full Run-2 and Run-3 datasets, covering Higgs physics, top-quark physics, and new phenomena searches.