ICN2-4: Spin transport properties in magnetic topological insulators

The research will focus on exploring, from theoretical and computational perspectives, the spin transport properties in magnetic topological insulators, which are materials of current considerable interest for developing novel paradigms in quantum metrology and in the context of quantum phases transition. 

The project will include various objectives, including the modelling of three-dimensional models of (magnetic) topological insulators using effective Hamiltonians (such as the Fu-Kane-Mele model) and introducing the effect of magnetic impurities as well as magnetic proximity effects.  These models will enable investigating the formation of the quantum anomalous Hall effect and its robustness to disorder or other device geometry considerations, as well as the spin dynamics of injected particles on the surface of magnetic topological insulators. The typical theoretical tools to be developed and used can be found in the following recent works of the host group (PM Perez-Piskunow, S Roche, Physical Review Letters 126 (16), 167701 (2021); Z. Fan et al. Physics Reports 903, 1-69 (2021). 

The theoretical work will be conducted in close collaboration with the experimental group of S.O. Valenzuela at ICN2 and in the framework of an enlarged European consortium including pioneers of topological insulators physics. 


Topological quantum matter, spintronic, quantum transport simulations, quantum technologies