ICN2-1: Ultrafast Dynamics in Nanoscale Systems

The ICN2 group ‘Ultrafast Dynamics in Nanoscale Systems’ studies phenomena that take place at short timescales (down to the femtosecond level) and spatially at the nanoscale. We experimentally study the interplay between light, charge, heat, and spin using various state-of-the-art optical and optoelectronic techniques. We are particularly interested in systems with reduced dimensions, such as two-dimensional layered materials (graphene and related), which offer an interesting and rich playground with a host of ultrafast phenomena that can be tailored and combined at will through relatively straightforward nanofabrication and synthesis techniques.

Part of our work is funded through a prestigious ERC Starting Grant on thermal transport in 2D materials. The understanding we establish through our experiments serves as a basis for exploring promising photonic and optoelectronic applications, in fields ranging from ICT to light harvesting.


ultrafast dynamics, nanoscale, 2D materials, charge transport, heat transport