BIST Scientific Dashboard

As part of its Research Programme, BIST launched the development of an interactive dashboard in October 2016 with information on the aggregate activity of its centres.

The dashboard is an interactive online tool, developed for BIST by SIRIS Academic, which combines information about publications at the BIST research centres into a searchable platform. Its objectives are to:
• Improve the self-knowledge of BIST,
• Measure its potential for scientific collaboration, and
• Provide a continuous information service to its research centres.

The project is currently in its first pilot phase, focusing on data related to research collaboration, as identified in research publications and European projects. This first version of the dashboard integrates information about researchers and groups in BIST research centres (taken from their respective websites), the BIST Scopus bibliographic records (Elsevier’s proprietary database), and curated information on European projects from CORDIS. It does not incorporate data from the BIST centres’ internal databases or from manual curation.

The dashboard is composed of several modules, each with a specific focus. Module 1 is a “Publications Explorer“, which presents an overview of the publications between 2010 and 2015 with a special emphasis on co-authorship between BIST centres.

Further modules include a “Topics Explorer“, which allows for searching publications within specific topics of interest, a “European Projects Explorer“, which showcases information from CORDIS, the European Commission projects database, and an “EU Projects Statistics” module, which presents information about the aggregate and individual activity of the BIST centres in FP7 and H2020.

Access to the pilot version of this tool is not open to the public, only to members of the BIST Community here (password protected).

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