Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren honoured with the 2023 RSC Pedler Award

By June 19, 2023June 26th, 2023ICIQ

Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren, senior group leader at ICIQ and member of the BIST community, has received the 2023 Royal Society of Chemistry Pedler Award for his contributions to organic chemistry employing gold catalysis. The prize comes on the heels of other prestigious accolades, including the Rei Jaume I Prize for Basic Research, received by Prof. Echavarren earlier this month.

Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren, senior group leader at the BIST community research centre ICIQ, and scientific director of the Severo Ochoa programme at the institute, has won the 2023 Pedler Award by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for pioneering contributions to the field of organic chemistry employing gold catalysis.

The Pedler Award, chosen by the RSC’s Organic Division Awards Committee is presented to outstanding scientists who have made a significant advancement in synthetic organic chemistry. Prof. Antonio Echavarren’s pioneering research in gold catalysis has opened up new avenues for a new reactivity of gold that can easily be applied for the construction of complex organic molecules of relevance in biology or materials science.

After receiving the prize, Professor Echavarren said, “I am humbled and grateful for this prestigious recognition which highlights the dedication and efforts throughout my scientific career. It is a true privilege to be a part of such an inspiring scientific community and I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed to my success.

To celebrate this distinguished honour, Prof. Echavarren will embark on a UK lecture tour, where he will share his insights and research findings with fellow scientists, researchers and students. The tour will provide a unique opportunity for the scientific community to engage with Prof. Echavarren and learn from his groundbreaking work.

The scientist joined a prestigious list of past winners in the RSC’s prize portfolio, 60 of whom have gone on to win Nobel Prizes for their work, including 2022 Nobel laureate Carolyn Bertozzi and 2019 Nobel laureate John B Goodenough. Professor Echavarren also receives £3,000 and a medal.

Dr. Helen Pain, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, said, “The chemical sciences are at the forefront of tackling a range of challenges facing our world. From fundamental chemistry to cutting-edge innovations, the work that chemical scientists do has an important role to play in building our future.”

In addition to this remarkable achievement, Prof. Echavarren is renowned for his dedication to mentorship and the development of young scientists. His guidance has shaped the next generation of leaders in organic chemistry.

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