Licensing opportunities and spin-off companies to scale up ICIQ technologies to companies

By April 20, 2023April 22nd, 2023ICIQ

Solving major social and economic challenges through science and chemistry is the main aim of the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), part of the BIST Community. To achieve this, ICIQ has established a strategy to scale up the technologies developed by its research groups, with the Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Strategy Unit, part of the ICIQ Industry Department.

The Industrial Property and Technology Transfer Strategy Unit facilitates the technology transfer from ICIQ to society and companies, always in close collaboration with the researchers and the companies or institutions of different industrial sectors.

The results of the different research lines identified as commercially and industrially relevant can be transferred as:

Licenses: this strategy is sought for those results of research groups of relevant commercial or industrial potential. To date, ICIQ owns five active licensing opportunities related to ICIQ technologies:

• Metal Organic framework for use in carbon capture and separation processes.
• Potentiometric sensor for creatinine: renal health monitoring.
• Nickel (0) catalysts.
• Scaling up CO2 to methanol conversion to fight climate change
• Photoreactor for high-throughput experimentation

ICIQ owns other technologies and software, and is willing to develop innovative commercial applications through exclusive licensing or the creation of joint ventures with an industrial partner. Always with a flexible licensing strategy, and following a progressive and rational approach to technology development, with the adoption of milestones related to technical or regulator achievement, and without closing the doors to investors or entrepreneurs and technology centres interested in bringing the technologies forward to market.

Spin-off companies: ICIQ supports scientists in the commercialisation of their technologies through a spin off creation strategy. This collaboration ensures access to the ICIQ core facilities and the support of their researchers allowing the entrepreneur to further develop the value proposition.

To date, the ICIQ spin-off portfolio is comprised by three companies:

Orchestra Scientific SL, providing an outstanding technology in carbon capture with cost competitive advantages to the start of the art.
Treellum Technologies, which provides reliable photoreactors solutions to research community to ensure reproducible experiments; and the most recent.
Jolt Solutions, with a new manufacturing technology towards electrodes for enhanced electrolysers and fuel cells.
With these two options, ICIQ makes its technology available to society. Our team is always looking for new partners willing to collaborate in this mission.

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