2022 BIST Conference

Precision Medicine: Putting discoveries to work

Keynote talk: Enabling pan-cancer precision medicine

November 10, 2022 | CCCB, Sala Teatre | 11.00h – 12.00h

Less than 5% of cancer patients currently benefit from precision medicine approaches. One of the key barriers to enabling precision medicine is the tumour genome complexity caused by chromosomal instability. In this talk, the CNIO researcher Geoff Macintyre will explain how, to tackle this challenge, they have developed a comprehensive framework to decode chromosomal instability, facilitating new drug discovery, improved patient stratification for targeted therapies, and precision use of classic cytotoxic chemotherapies.


Geoff Macintyre

Group leader of the Computational Oncology Group at CNIO

Geoff Macintyre was trained as an undergraduate in computer science and genetics in his home town of Melbourne, Australia. He then moved to the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, to complete a Master of Computer Science. He returned to Melbourne to complete his PhD in computational biology and stayed for a short postdoc which focussed on modelling tumour evolution in prostate cancer. He moved to the University of Cambridge, UK for an extended postdoc where he developed approaches to understand the evolution of structural variants and chromosomal instability in cancer. In 2020, Geoff started his independent research group at CNIO, Madrid, Spain where he uses single cell genomics and computational methods to decode chromosomal instability in premalignant disease and develop new chemoprevention approaches. Geoff is also a founder of a UK-based start-up company Tailor Bio, which aims to translate many of his group’s research findings for patient benefit.

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