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ALBA is the Spanish synchrotron light source, a large research infrastructure operating ten beamlines, complementary facilities, and an Electron Microscopy Center, this last in partnership with other institutions. Currently constructing multiple more beamlines, expanding the Electron Microscopy Center, and integrating advanced data analytics, it sums up a wide range of infrastructures geared toward finding solutions to societal challenges.

Located in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), it is funded by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) and the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Recerca i Universitats). The synchrotron light produced by 3 GeV electrons is used by thousands of researchers to analyse and understand the properties and functionality of matter, spanning a wide variety of fields, such as catalytic research, health, energy production/storage, environmental research, communication technologies, or cultural heritage.

Our highly motivated staff works in a multidisciplinary work environment with an atmosphere formed by lived diversity, inclusion and respect for our colleagues. Located close to Barcelona in a natural park and well connected by car and public transportation, with excellent connectivity to the world and an employer who understands the importance of life-work balance.

Facing an upgrade to ALBA II, a 4th generation facility, which will increase dramatically brightness and coherent flux, ALBA is in a phase of growth and dynamics. Being a part of the ALBA team will promote your career and will give you the opportunities to explore new territories.

The candidate selected for this position will work in close collaboration with Eurecat, a private foundation whose purpose, in accordance with its Statutes, is to promote innovation in general and R&D in all sectors of activity; to promote industrial research and technological development; to promote research in general; to promote entrepreneurship in general and technological entrepreneurship in particular; to promote business growth; the promotion of internationalisation based on innovation; the promotion of the deployment of technological and business talent; the promotion of training in the fields of the foundational object; the promotion of technology and knowledge transfer; the promotion of territorial development; and the promotion of the increase of scientific-technological culture.

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The position offers a unique opportunity for professional development by working in the Metallic and Ceramic Materials unit of Eurecat, and in the Methodology Development Group (Experiments Division) in close concert with the Industrial Liaison Office of ALBA which fosters innovation and competitiveness through the proprietary use of the advanced synchrotron techniques by the industry on a collaborative, multicultural, international and stimulating work environment.

We seek a highly motivated individual to deal with the intensive industrial and innovation program to boost the collaboration ALBA-Eurecat in the field of metallic materials, steels and sustainability by supporting and developing industry research in that field and for taking advantage of the technology transfer opportunities.

The functions of the successful candidate will be as follows:

– To carry out industry projects related to lighter and safer metallic parts for vehicles.
– To carry out industry projects related to sustainable materials such as fossil-free steels and Al alloys.
– To organise and to participate in national and international outreach events to promote the use of synchrotron and microstructural techniques by the industry.
– To support the industry clients related with metallurgy, to understand their needs and to provide them guidance before, during and after the service provision.
– To provide support for data analysis, interpretation and generating meaning reports to the industry clients.
– To support technology transfer activities.

The requirements for participation must be met on the date of the deadline for the submission of applications and will be accredited by means of the CV attached to it, without prejudice to the power of the selection body to require the contribution of the originals of the certifications accrediting the qualifications, training and work experience invoked in the CV.

Applications that do not present the aforementioned or required documentation during the selection procedure will not be accepted.

Expected skills and knowledge:

* The candidate should hold a PhD degree in a scientific discipline related to the project.

The working language at ALBA is English. A good level of English both written and spoken is strictly required.

Everyone who meets the requirements is eligible for the position. This position is reserved for those candidates having the legal status of person with disabilities, with a degree of disability equal or greater than 33%. In case of one or more eligible applicants with this status of disability, these candidates will be evaluated at first. In the event that no candidate with the status of disability is finally selected for the position, the selection process shall continue and the rest of the applicants will be evaluated.

Selection Process Development
The selection will be carried out through the competition-opposition system.

As a first phase, an analysis of the curriculum will be carried out (assessment of previous experience and / or scientific history, degree, training and other professional information relevant to the position). The assessment of the CV in the competition phase will be scored up to 40 points, and will consider the following aspects:
* Knowledge in physical metallurgy – 10 pts
• Experience in Advanced Microstructural characterization: SEM, EBSD, DRX 10 pts
• Knowledge in Phase transformations in metals 5 pts
• Experience related to synchrotron radiation use, particularly in X-ray diffraction 5 pts
• Experience related to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) use 5 pts
• Industry experience related to the above techniques 5 pts

The best rated candidates, at least three if possible, will be invited to an interview where the technical competence, knowledge, skills and professional experience linked to the position will be assessed, with a total score of 60 points. A minimum of 30 points must be obtained out of a total of 60 points to be eligible.

The interview will assess the following aspects, among others:
• Presentation of professional experience and capability to design and excecute an idipendent scientific research program 15pts
• Auto-assessment presentation of soft skills 15pts
• Vision presentation of the job position 15pts
• Presentation of motivation for applying 5pts
• Communication skills 5pts
• Showing a good customer service attitude. 5pts

The merits will be accredited by means of the CV attached to the application. The selection body may require accreditation by additional documentation, originals or certified copies confirming the experience invoked in the CV.

In case of a tied final score, the position will be awarded to the person who belongs to the most underrepresented gender in the corresponding Division and subsidiarily to the overall company.

If necessary, alternates of the members of the Board Selection will be appointed by the president of the selection process, and the change will be published in the

The resolution of the selection procedure will be carried out within a maximum period of six months from the deadline for submitting applications for participation.

The selection process may be declared vacant if the selection body considers not to have found suitable candidates for the position although they might meet the minimum requirements.

Other information
The maximum duration of the position is linked to this project funded by “Planes complementarios” ending on 30th September, 2025.

This position is funded by the R&D “Planes Complementarios” named «Reforma institucional y fortalecimiento de las capacidades del Sistema Nacional de Ciencia,
Tecnología e Innovación” granted to the ALBA Synchrotron, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

The Selection Board is composed by the following members: Klaus Attenkofer, Alejandro Sánchez Grueso, Lucía Aballe Aramburu and Joaquín Otón Pérez.

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