IRB Barcelona and BIST researcher Roger Gomis receives an ASEICA award for his work on cancer

By November 15, 2018IRB Barcelona

The Spanish Association for Research on Cancer (ASEICA) has announced the winners of the 2018 ASEICA Awardsamong them Roger Gomis, head of the Growth Control and Metastasis  lab at IRB Barcelona, who has received the Young Investigator Award in acknowledgement of his work on cancer.

ICREA researcher Roger Gomis leads a multidisciplinary lab devoted to metastasis research at IRB Barcelona. His work focuses on the identification and functional validation of the mechanisms that allow breast and colon cancer to metastasize to clinically relevant sites, and he has published various important articles in recent years.

“These awards aim to acknowledge the magnificent work that Spanish scientists are doing in spite of insufficient resources in the country,” said Carlos Camps, president of ASEICA.

The projects of the awardees were presented in Valencia on 6, 7 and 8 November in a gathering that served to disseminate advances in cancer research, present the most recent studies in the field, and showcase the work being undertaken on different types of tumour.

More information about the research done in Roger Gomis’ lab can be seen in the Meet Our Scientists Video “Light and credibility”:

More information about the ASEICA awards: