IFAE launches website for international day of women and girls in science

By January 17, 2017January 23rd, 2017IFAE

The international day of women and girls in science is February 11. This day was declared as such by the United Nations in order to increase global efforts in providing equal opportunities for women and girls in science and in encouraging their participation in scientific careers or endeavours. These efforts are vital for achieving international development goals and pushing the boundaries of scientific research ever further.

In honour of the 2017 international day of women and girls in science, IFAE (Institut de Fisica d’Altes Energies), a centre of the BIST (Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology) has created an inspiring webpage to showcase women who have greatly influenced fundamental physics throughout history as well as those women currently working at IFAE.

IFAE is also hosting two workshops, one in particle physics on February 10th and one on high energy astrophysics on February 11th.

Click here for the website and/or to register for a workshop.