ICN2 featured on Lab24

By January 24, 2017ICN2

Lab24Lab24 is a science dissemination program that airs on the 24h channel of TVE. In its episode on January 17, this highly recognized program offered an extensive overview of the research performed at ICN2.

Nanoscale, atoms, nanomedicine, energy, graphene, flexoelectricity, lab-on-a-chip, brain-computer interfaces… all this and much more was devoted to ICN2 on the program.

The episode included interviews with Prof. Pablo Ordejón, Director of ICN2 and Group Leader of the Theory and Simulation Group, Dr. Neus Domingo, Senior Researcher at the ICN2 Oxide Nanoelectronics Group, and ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido, Group Leader of the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group.

Find the episode on the ICN2 website.