Four years of ICN2 research on energy storage recognised by the CIDETEC electrochemistry awards

By May 19, 2017June 7th, 2017ICN2

Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero of the BIST centre ICN2, leader of the Novel Energy-Oriented Materials Group, has been awarded the 2016 CIDETEC award for Scientific Research in Electrochemistry.

In their thirteenth year this year, the 2016 award for Scientific Research in Electrochemistry, with a grant of €40000, has gone to the work developed by the ICN2 Novel Energy-Oriented Materials Group, led by Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero.

The research project, developed over the past four years, has accomplished the design, fabrication and testing of hybrid nanocomposite electrodes for energy storage. This involves bringing together the materials and electrodes typically used in batteries and those typically used in supercapacitors to create hybrid energy storage devices that offer both high energy and high power densities. Among the potential applications of this technology are electric vehicles that need batteries that can recharge quickly and run for long periods.

The goal of these awards is to promote scientific study, technological development and innovation in the field of electrochemistry. Run by the CIDETEC technology centre in San Sebastian, they reward primarily Spanish researchers at home and abroad for scientific excellence. Besides the Scientific Research award, each year they recognise upcoming talent with a Young Researchers award, which this year went to María Escudero Escribano at the University of Copenhagen.

The award ceremony will be held on 5 July in Vitoria-Gasteiz as part of the annual meeting of the Electrochemistry interest group of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry.

More information on the ICN2 website.