Workshop: How to prepare a European Research Strategy

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Horizon Europe is the name of the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme (2021-2027). This online workshop has been designed to help Directors, Senior Support Staff and Researchers to plan strategically for Horizon Europe.

The workshop consists of three sessions of 45 minutes each presented by Dr. Seán McCarthy and Sylvia McCarthy (EU Policy Analyst).

The course has been designed for up to 80 participants. It is open both for members of the BIST Community and people coming from other research institutions no-BIST members. The course has an attendance fee of 200€ for participants coming from outside the BIST Community (170€ for BIST members). After filling the registration form, you will receive an email with the payment details. The registration will not be confirmed until the payment procedure is completed.


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Session 1:  How to Prepare a European Research Strategy (45 minutes)

Module 1: Horizon Europe Funding Landscape

  • Structure and Terminology of Horizon Europe
  • Evolution from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe
  • Funding Landscape for Horizon Europe

Module 2: How to Present a ‘European Research Strategy’

  • Role of Senior Management in reviewing Group Strategies
  • Template for Presenting ‘European Research Strategies’
  • Case Study: University College Cork (UCC) – 30 ‘European Research Strategies’
Session 2: Identifying Opportunities in Horizon Europe (45 minutes)

Module 3: Pillar I (Excellent Science)

  • ERC (European Research Council)
  • MSCA  (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions)
  • RI (Research Infrastructures)

Module 4: Pillar II (Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness)

  • Pillar II Clusters
  • Pillar II Missions
  • Pillar III European Partnerships

Module 5: Pillar III (Innovative Europe)

  • EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology)
  • EIC (European Innovation Council)
Session 3:  Getting Ready for  ‘Calls for Proposals’ (45 minutes)

Module 6: Who Wrote the Topics in Pillar II? (Proposal Intelligence)

  • How to Analyse Horizon Europe Work Programmes
  • Expert Groups Contributing to the Topics
  • Examples of Proposal Intelligence for Horizon Europe (Cluster and Topic)

Module 7: Strategic Networking at a European Level

  • How Consortia are Formed
  • How to Identify Strategic Partners
  • How to Promote Research Activities to Strategic Partners
  • Sources of Ideas for Horizon Europe Proposals

Dr. Seán McCarthy

The programme will be presented by Dr. Sean McCarthy of Hyperion Ltd ( In 2017 the European Commission published a list of the top 100 universities and research organisations participating in Horizon 2020. Dr. McCarthy has delivered training courses in 74 of these top 100 universities and research organisations. Since 1995 over 80,000 participants have attended his courses in 29 countries. He has presented training courses on the Framework programmes in over 290 research centres throughout Europe ( does not participate in the Framework programmes but concentrates on designing and delivering training courses for organizations who participate in the programmes. More details can be found on

Sylvia McCarthy

Sylvia is an EU Policy Analyst. Based in Brussels since 2008, Sylvia has worked in the European Parliament and various EU consultancies and representations
Sylvia has a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies (University College Cork,Ireland) and a Master’s degree in International Politics and Europe (University of Warwick, UK).