VIRO-FLOW School Webinars: Microfluidics Day

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The VIRO-FLOW team, from the BIST centre ICIQ presents this school webinar for the Microfluidics Day.

During the Microfluidics Day, Prof. Andrew deMello from ETH Zürich will show the use of microfluidics for ultra-high-throughput chemistry and biology. Dr. Elfi Töpfer from Microfluidic ChipShop company will talk then about microfluidic chip manufacturing by injection molding and applications, and also how industrial manufacturing might differ from academic approaches. Furthermore, Viro-Flow PhD student Tamás Vermes will also present his research within the project.



9.00h – Prof. Andrew J. deMello – ETH Zürich – “Microfluidics for ultra-high-throughput chemistry and biology”

9.45h – Dr. Elfi Töpfer – Microfluidic ChipShop GmbH – “Microfluidic chip manufacturing by injection molding and applications”

10.30h – Tamás Vermes – ICIQ – “Automatized Microfluidic Platform for the Screening of Novel HBV Capsid Assembly Modulators (CAMs)”


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