Graphdiyne for (photo)electrocatalytic energy conversion

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ICN2 Hybrid Seminar by Dr Jian Li

Laboratory of Renewable Energy Science and Engineering, EPFL



With the increasing concern over the global energy crisis and the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emission, the development of carbon-neutral and renewable- energy conversion technologies has attracted considerable interest in both the scientific and industrial communities. Graphdiyne (GDY), inserting the diacetylenic linkages (−C≡C−C≡C−) between two bonded carbons in graphene, is a novel allotrope of carbon. The sp- and sp2-hybridized two-dimensional network endows GDY with high degree π-conjunction, uniform pores, natural bandgap and excellent electrical conductivity. These natural structural features render GDY a promising candidate for energy conversion. In this presentation, I will introduce some basic concepts of graphdiyne and complie some stories to illustrate how to take advantage of graphdiye to design the efficient catalytic systems for energy conversion


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