Understanding the Dynamic Cell and Tissue Compartmentalization

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Understanding the organization of cells and tissues means understanding the principles of life and the etiology of human diseases.


Cell and tissue biology have supported major advances in medicine in the last decades, a fact reflected by the endless list of Nobel prizes in “Physiology and Medicine” that recognize essential discoveries in these fields. Cell and tissue biology is also at the basis of synthetic biology, a rapidly expanding field of research which uses engineering principles to design systems for a wide variety of challenges, from the production of improved materials and biosensors, living vaccines or the remediation of contaminated sites, all at the focus of European research policies.

This seminar brings together a group of established researchers as well as promising young scientists working in leading centers, who will offer an in depth overview on the current research in cell and tissue biology.

The presentations will target not only grade or master students in biology-related disciplines, but also, those with trainings in physics, mathematics, engineering or medicine, who wish to develop interdisciplinary research on the molecular mechanisms of life. The seminars will introduce the students to different exciting topics including unconventional secretion, membrane contact sites, membrane-less compartments, mechanobiology, organoids and organogenesis, and discuss the impact of new technologies on our understanding of biological processes.

Round tables on challenges in cell and tissue biology and on why to do a Ph. D. in this field will help the students to make a well-grounded decision about their professional future.


  • María Isabel Geli, CSIC
  • Vivek Malhotra, CRG
  • Benedetta Bolognesi, IBEC
  • Fèlix Campelo, ICFO
  • María Bernabeu, EMBL
  • Marta Llimargas, IBMB
  • Oriol Gallego, UPF
  • Xavier Trepat, IBEC

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