Translational Chemical Biology

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  • Venue: ICIQ - Auditorium
  • Address: Avinguda dels Països Catalans, 16, 43007 Tarragona
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ICIQ Seminar

by Prof. Gonçalo Bernardes, University of Cambridge, UK



Our research uses chemistry principles to address questions of importance in life sciences and molecular medicine. This lecture will cover recent examples of emerging areas in our group in:

  1. methods for site-selective chemical modification of proteins and antibodies;
  2. bioorthogonal cleavage reactions for targeted drug activation in cells;
  3. click-degraders, small molecules that when in proximity can degrade RNA, akin to ribonucleases. Using click-degraders we developed 1) meCLICK-Seq, a powerful method for the study of diverse aspects of cellular RNA methylation, and 2) proximity-driven small molecule RNA degraders to target and degrade SARS-CoV-2 genomes and exert an antiviral effect in disease models.