Third edition EMBL-IBEC Conference

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  • Venue: Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)
  • Address: Carrer Dr. Aiguader, 88, 08003 Barcelona
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Third edition EMBL – IBEC Conference
Engineering Multicellular Systems

EMBL and the BIST community centre IBEC aim to contribute to the discussion on challenges and opportunities in the expanding field of engineered multicellular systems.

Recent breakthroughs in stem cell biology, organ-on-chip assays, 3-D bioprinting, and cell mechanobiology have revolutionized our ability to design and assemble multicellular living systems, from organoids to embryos.

This biennial series will focus on how engineering multicellular living systems is boosting our understanding of tissue and organ function, with applications in disease modelling, drug screening, and tissue engineering.

Session topics
Organoids to engineer tissues
Cell and tissue mechanics
Self-organisation of tissues
Engineering the embryo
In vitro vascular systems
Organ on chip
Modelling tissue organisation

Important deadlines
Abstract submission: 21/01/2024
Notification of acceptance: 09/02/2024
Early registration: 01/03/2024
Late registration: 10/04/2024

Registration and fees
Early Bird Rate
Payment before/on 01/03 430€
Late Rate
Payment after 01/03 530€
VAT included

The registration fee covers attendance to all sessions, lunches and coffee/tea breaks during the conference, and conference materials.

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Organising Committee:
James Sharpe, EMBL
Xavier Trepat, IBEC
Miki Ebisuya, EMBL
Kristina Haase, EMBL
Nuria Montserrat, IBEC
Josep Samitier, IBEC
Vikas Trivedi, EMBL

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