The small, the smart, the future: the long journey of an organic chemist from her first 386S IBM to high-performance supercomputers in bio(nano)technology

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  • Venue: ICN2 - Seminar Hall
  • Address: Edifici ICN2, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra
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Nanoseminar in Medicine & Health

by Prof. Sabrina Pricl, Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MolBNL@UniTS), Department of Engineering and Architecture (DEA), University of Trieste, 34127 Trieste, Italy



In this talk I will present and discuss a series of applications of different computer-based molecular simulations performed at different time and length scales on a plethora of disparate nano(bio)systems and their eventual liaison with experiments. These will include proteins and their ligands and self-assembling nanotechnology for biomedical applications, among others



Principal Investigator of the Molecular Biology and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MolBNL@UniTS) of the University of Trieste, where she leads and supervises a series of research multidisciplinary projects in both life and material sciences supported by national and international private/public entities. Some of her current interests focus on the coupling of experimental methods and high-performance computing techniques to the design, optimization and development of complex molecular systems. As an author of more than 250 peer-review papers on international journal (h-index 50), she also regularly act as a promoter of technology transfer, as a science divulgator and testimonial, and as an expert monitor and evaluator for the European Commission.

In 2020, she was appointed eminent scientist by the University of Lodz (Poland). At present, she is also chairing the COST action CA17140 – Cancer Nanomedicine: from the bench to the bedside – Nano2Clinic”.

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Hosted by Prof. Daniel Ruiz MolinaNanostructured Functional Materials Group Leader.

After the seminar, a coffee service will be available at the room for attendees.