The Collider programme – Call for Technologies

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Project your scientific talent into the market and society by fostering your entrepreneurial spirit


The Collider Venture Builder transfers deeptech tecnologies to the market and society. The Call for Technologies is an annual public invitation to researchers to submit their projects. The best 15 will benefit from The Collider programme.

We select the 15 best projects solving industry challenges and invite them to take part in the programme. We focus on the technologies’ maturity stage, meaning that we reward the projects that are developed enough to start piloting and testing. Entering to The Collider helps universities and research institutions apply and test their scientific know-how in real life. Apart from entering the programme, each scientific project also receives €2000 financial help from the Ministry of Business and Knowledge of Catalan Government to cover transportation, subsistence allowance, accommodation or any other expenses occurred as a result of participating in The Collider.


Application deadline 27 Feb 2022


Who are we looking for?

  • Principal investigators, postdoctoral researchers and PhD students seeking to apply their academic career in the business world
  • Research teams with strong background in science or engineering
  • Demonstrated experience in Artificial Intelligence & Data Platforms, XR/3D, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Hardware & Robotics, Medical Devices, New Materials and/or 5G.
  • Technologies TRL 3-6
  • Commitment and availability to attend to programme’s training activities (some activities will be online).
  • NOTE: All candidates must be endorsed by the TTO of a Research Institution and the research group leader (Principal Investigator).


What are we offering?

  • Industry Pilots Talent: Technologies that offer solutions on how to overcome current edition’s challenges will be able to launch conjoint pilots together with top tier corporations.
  • Talent: Serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business skills that together with scientists will form high-performance teams.
  • Programme: Top notch mentors, industry experts, and access to MWCapital network of partners and investors.
  • Funding: Direct investment up to 100k € seed-capital after company incorporation.


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